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Innovative two-phase bio-system

Mega Volume ® — The easiest way to create an eye-popping volume with effect up to 3 months!

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Innovation for beauty salons

100% unique perm and volume, without thioglycolic acid!

We offer well-known and popular all over the world long-term volume, reconstruction and hair restoration.

The innovative composition of Mega Volume ® (USA) and special technology Mix Volume ® (USA) solve the problem of the volume of hair.

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Mega Volume®

Due to the content of L-Amine, amino acid complex, panthenol, etheric palmarose oil, provides the creation of a volume or luxurious flexible and elastic curls, preserving the quality, beauty and texture of the hair.

Strengthens and moisturizes the hair, providing resistance to external factors.

L-amine is an analog of natural hair cysteine. Can penetrate the hair more deeply and evenly than the traditional means for curling, without aggressive lifting of the cuticle.

Immediately penetrating the structure of the hair and without damaging the cuticle, allows you to obtain excellent results of curling or straightening, leaving the hair healthy and strong. Does not break their structure and integrity.

Mix Volume®

Mix Volume ® (USA) is the latest special technology to create a stunning or natural volume, depending on the wishes of the client, which is created easily and in just 90 minutes.

Masters master even without experience, but we recommend to enroll in a master class, which is conducted by the best specialists Level Up ™ Beauty School!

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Mega Volume®

Resultsand Feedback

«Unreal result!»
I did not expect such a result! This is something!

«Very satisfied»
For the first time I tried this procedure and did not regret it, I was very pleased and I recommend it to everyone.

«The best I've ever tried»
I tried a lot of methods, but Mix Volume is the best!
Mega Volume® — For salons and private craftsmen

Training of Masters With us, you can receive training and purchase products at a reduced partner price.

Video training

A special video course that will help masters learn how to work with the system.

Master class without working off

A live master class for confident handling of the system.

Master class with working out

A master class where you can not only learn how to work with the system, but also practice.

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Buy Mega Volume® We invite to cooperation training centers, beauty salons, professional cosmetics shops

The kit includes lotion and neutralizer, one set is enough for 6-8 procedures!
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Top 9 Benefits
Mega Volume® + Mix Volume®
  • Without a tedious, many-hour winding on the studs
  • Low cost of the composition, it allows to attract middle class customers
  • Thanks to the innovative formula it does not spoil, but, on the contrary, restores the hair
  • Pleasantly smells
  • Removes fat from the roots
  • Provides reliable volume, even under the cap and does not depend on the weather
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • The phase is in phase, which shortens the procedure time
  • Hair looks much bigger and more effective

Dropshopping There is an opportunity to purchase a composition for dropshopping. The conditions are individually negotiated.

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Original kit of branded clips. In a complete kit of 24 pieces.
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Branded clips
Mega Volume®
  • Premium plastic, very durable and durable
  • There are 24 clips in the set, this is enough to give the required volume
  • Ease of use
  • Lack of analogues
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